I Love My Gym

I’m not a very athletic person. I wrote about my lack of ability and my excuses in separate posts. You can read them here and here. I do go to a gym, however and I ride the stationary bike for forty to sixty minutes, three times a week. While I’m on the bike I watch a favourite show, “Suits” on my iPad. I don’t allow myself to watch that show unless I’m at the gym so it’s a great motivator to go. I’m almost finished Season 5 and when that’s over I will have to wait for Season 6 to finish on TV. I will branch out into other areas of the gym, now that I’m established in my routine.

My new keychain on my bike

My gym is a Woman’s Gym and I love it. I’ve tried Co-Ed ones but I’m a middle aged woman and I feel uncomfortable sweating in front of muscled men. I feel so inadequate. No one judges me at my gym. They’re too busy judging themselves. I feel a little invisible there and I like that. Today I was especially happy I went because it’s their anniversary and everyone got a keychain. 

Do you belong to a gym?

8 thoughts on “I Love My Gym

  1. Good for you! Keep it up! I started watching I Robot, Sherlock Homes and Games of Cards….you might
    enjoy those too!😘👍🏻 I go to pool for aqua fitness everyday weekday , and recently started walking up to 5 km three times week with hubby…..would love to try a gym…..😘 but not sure I would keep interested in cycling.

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  2. I too belong to a gym but have let things slide somewhat.
    It is annoying because the cost is quite high and even more so when we don’t use it.
    I must therefore get back into it and get going and training hard.
    I totally understand where you are coming from so am a little jealous to be honest that you are going and I am not!!


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