51 thoughts on “My Paintings

  1. Hi Cathy! Came here to learn more about you and your writing, and I find watercolors! My husband still says 10+ years into his retirement he’s going to take a watercolor class. He does mostly pencils and pastels, but has had some professional art training. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog from time to time. They mean a great deal. I’ve started following your blog and as noted in my recent post, I hope to have more time to post comments without so much attention to social media. Here’s to a good evening and a great tomorrow!

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  2. Hi Cathy I found you via Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday and I see you paint as well. Lovely pictures. I dabble with painting as well…not as brave as you to post them on my blog. Great to meet you and thanks for being brave.

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  3. Hi Cathy! You are quite generous with your art, for every piece here deserves a post of its own, I guess (perhaps with a title/brief description or a little poetry). Just saying 🙂

    Especially love that first one, the girl by the beach, and the second one from the bottom. Cheers!

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