Farm Day

Every Thursday we spend the day at a farm that was dedicated to people who have special needs. We’re so fortunate to live so close to such a special place. Our students get an hour horseback lesson, grooming session and a few even clean the stalls. We all have lunch together, then take a short walk up to visit the other farm animals. The program runs from April to June.

Do you like animals?

10 thoughts on “Farm Day

  1. What a great activity. I don’t consider myself a big animal person but I’ve certainly enjoyed time spent with them. I grew up in the countryside and there were lots of sheep on the nearby farms. I got to hold one that wasn’t very strong and had lost its mum and remember being exited watching it start to take a few steps.
    Also I just saw an interesting program that mentioned equine assisted therapy. I was really surprised how the horse’s behavior interacts with our own feelings about ourselves and behaviors.

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