Change and Survival #BeWoW #WQWWC

This week’s theme for Writer’s Quote Wednesday is “Survival”. This quote by Charles Darwin spoke to me. I consider myself a survivor because I do accept change, even if it’s not a good change. I survived my daughter, Justine’s death two years ago. I wrote a book about her life which I hope to get… Read More Change and Survival #BeWoW #WQWWC

Denis Waitley Quote#writer’s quote Wednesday 

Denis Waitley is a man I have heard speak in person many times. He is a motivational speaker and author. He wrote the international best selling book “The Psychology of Winning” and many other books. He is affiliated with a company I’m partnered with (USANA Health Sciences) and speaks at all our conventions. I’m honoured… Read More Denis Waitley Quote#writer’s quote Wednesday