Do You Like to Play in the Dirt?

Today in our Life Skills class we added soil to our potted plants. It was a very popular activity for our students who have autism. Some kids have sensory issues and don’t like to touch certain things but they all wore gloves and really dug into the dirt and were very enthusiastic. There was dirt everywhere but even cleaning up, sweeping and making everything clean again was done with gusto.

I enjoy indoor plants and gardening outdoors. I start out wearing gloves but take them off within a few minutes so I can get my hands right into the soil. I find it very satisfying to plant things and watch them grow. I need to feel the roots and soil in order to make sure they’re planted properly. My sister would not touch dirt even if she was on “Fear Factor”. She is bug-phobic and would faint if a bug crawled out or flew by. One of my coworkers reacted similarly to today’s activity. She isn’t afraid of bugs but she really doesn’t like getting her hands dirty. Do you like planting things?

19 thoughts on “Do You Like to Play in the Dirt?

  1. I love admiring beautiful gardens but I have a terrible habit of killing all plants -I talk to them ,water them , pat their soil but they don’t want to know me – maybe it’s cos I am a weed…. Something contagious they might catch ha ha 😉

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