More Feedback for Rose-Coloured Houses

My debut novel Rose-Coloured Houses is getting positive reviews and feedback. Here is more: It takes great ambition to start to write a novel and extreme dedication to take it to completion. You did it! Good for you! Congratulations on yet another insightful, thought provoking and meaningful book. With your skillful description and character development… Read More More Feedback for Rose-Coloured Houses

It’s Reassuring to Know My Instincts Were Right

My manuscript for my debut novel, Rose Coloured Houses has come back from the editor with very encouraging remarks. Rose-Coloured Houses is an insightful and thoughtful exploration of life with an emotionally abusive parent. You do a masterful job of weaving a story around Peggy and Charles that includes both points of view—it’s not often… Read More It’s Reassuring to Know My Instincts Were Right