Walking Out The Blues

I just read a lovely blog by Pam Kirst called “Walking Out The Kinks”. You can read that Here. She is working her way up to a 10k walk. It got me thinking about how I used to walk 6k most days, a few years ago. I was going through menopause. (I hope that’s not to much information). With my emotions all over the place and feeling depressed at times I needed to walk. It cleared my head and cheered me up. It also helped me lose weight. Walking is win/win/win!

Why don’t I walk now, you might wonder. There are many reasons (excuses) but I will blame it on my dog. I figured when I got her I would begin walking again. Dogs need daily exercise and fresh air, I reckoned. I did walk her every day, even twice a day. It was never, ever anywhere near 6k, however. She likes to stop, sniff, pee, sniff some more and stop again. The hour I used to spend doing my 6k was spent going 6 blocks! I still walk her most days but she’s happy with a 20 minute walk around the block. 

Why don’t I walk without her you might also wonder. Aside from my other reasons (excuses) I will blame my dog. I feel guilty going out walking without her. I know she enjoys going with me. How could I leave her behind? 

Boo likes walking to the park

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