Paint Night For Owliver

A few months ago I attended a wonderful evening called Paint Nite. You can read about it and see my painting here. I also wrote about another paint night that my daughter, Candice gave me, as a gift. You can read about that here.  Yesterday was paint nite. This will hang in “Owliver’s” room.


I come from a family of redheads. Both my grandmothers had red hair and my mother thought all her children would be “gingers”. I was her first born and she was sure she was correct. Her three other children do not have red hair. I’m the only one. Only one of my dad’s four siblings… Read More Gingers!


A few years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Prince Edward Island. You can read more about my trip here. One thing I was not prepared for was how remote and rural the locations of the lighthouses were. I expected them to be very “touristy” with many attractions, restaurants and commercialism. I was pleasantly… Read More Lighthouses