Alphabet Soup Challenge-Unusual

I’m participating in the Alphabet Soup Challenge hosted by me. Although each word starts with a letter of the alphabet, the guidelines state we don’t have to do the posts in alphabetical order, as long as we use each word once during the challenge.The goal is to write every day. 

Something very unusual happened to me today. It is the last day of school. I work in a high school and today is graduation. All the teaching staff proceed to our seats prior to the grads. All eyes are on us. I dressed very carefully today, wearing a new white shirt and a new jacket. The jacket has a safari print so I cleverly chose my elephant earrings to coordinate. I thought I looked rather dapper. 

It was pouring rain as I was about to leave the house, so my husband, Greg suggested I go out through the garage so I wouldn’t get wet. I slipped on my sandals and grabbed my purse. I raced out to unlock my car before I got soaked. When I got to school I noticed something didn’t feel quite right.

Luckily, Greg was able to bring my other sandal to school for me.

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