Alphabet Soup Challenge- FUN!

Today I chose the letter F in the Alphabet Soup Challenge. You can read more about the challenge here. The goal is to write every day using all the letters of the alphabet in any order by the end of the challenge. You can read my other entries herehere and here. You can start the challenge whenever you want so join the fun and share this post so others can join too.

Yesterday, we held a barbecue at our house. I “baked” the potatoes in the slow cooker. I’ve never done that before but they turned out great and the best part was having them ready ahead of time. I just pricked them with a fork, rubbed a little olive oil on them, wrapped them in foil and cooked them for several hours. I’ll certainly do that again. I had Greek salad (prepared by my sister), chick pea salad, coleslaw (brought by one of the guests), and cake in a cloud. 

I wished I’d taken a picture of the cake to show you but I didn’t think of it. It’s a very easy recipe. My sister bought an angel food cake, I whipped some whipping cream, folded in 2 cans of well drained crushed pineapple and “iced” the cake with the whipping cream mixture. Then I added strawberries since it’s Canada’s 150th birthday weekend and our colours are red and white. My husband bought, marinated and barbecued some gorgeous steaks and we had 6 guests for dinner. It was a wonderful evening with lively conversation and plenty of laughs. 

What is your favourite FUN activity?

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