Alphabet Soup Challenge-Admiration

I’m taking part in the Alphabet Soup challenge, hosted by me! I made a promise to write every day and then decided to encourage others to do the same. Today is the first day of the challenge. The letter is A and the word is Admiration. 

The guidelines say you don’t have to go in alphabetical order but it just so happens I have someone I greatly admire to thank today. It’s my mom. My mother is 82  years old but you would never know it. She doesn’t look a day over 60. She lives alone in a lovely condo in Kincardine, right on Lake Huron. She’s very independent, even though she had a stroke several years ago and has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. 

I was born exactly sixty years ago when my mother was 22 years old. It was normal back then to get married and have children at a very young age. How times have changed. My mother had three more children in the next six years. It’s hard to imagine how hard that must’ve been. My father worked very long hours and she was our primary caregiver for most of the time. 

Today, on my sixtieth birthday, I’d like to thank my mother. She’s a great inspiration to us all. 

Mom and me on a trip to NYC a few years ago

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