I’ve Been Kissed By A Rose On The Grave

I heard an old song on the radio today. It is by Seal and called “Kissed By A Rose” You can listen here.

It is the song that most reminds me of when my father died. I’ve been thinking about it lately since we just had Father’s Day and he died June 30th. I’m the same age as he was when he retired. I wrote about that here. He was one of the main characters in the short story I wrote a few weeks ago. You can read that here. This song played on the radio during the summer my dad passed away. He had just shown me his beautiful new rose garden minutes before he died. Until now I had never even put the two things together. It’s been twenty three years.

Justine thought the world of her grandpa. She wrote a speech about the fun times she had at my parents’ place (Read here) and wrote a eulogy herself that she read at his funeral (read here).

 *Full disclosure* While researching this song I discovered there is an argument that the lyrics are “kissed by a rose on the grey” not grave, as I have always thought. 

My father at aged 59 (my age) at his retirement party

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