My Promise to Write Every Day

When I decided to write my book Not My Story To Tell I asked a beloved author, Catherine Gildiner for advice. I have written about her books in a guest blog hereHere is a little more on the topic. I took her advice and dedicated one hour a day. In no time I had the entire book written. That was the easy part.

It seems to have slowed down since then. I had the book edited and have made several attempts at the book cover. I’m going a different route with the cover now and am very excited. I’ve taken an online course on how to self-publish it on Kindle and now there’s a new option for a softcover version. As I write all that I realize I am moving forward but the writing was the fastest part for sure. 

When I began blogging it was for two reasons. One was to gain a platform for my book. For those (like I was) who don’t know what that is, it’s finding potential readers for your book. I started a Facebook Page, Twitter profile, and a few other social media sites that link back to my blog in the hope that people will enjoy my writing and buy my book. The second reason was to exercise my “writer’s brain”. Writing every day is key for writers. I’m amazed what appears on the page when I just write, write, write.

I’ve been very sporadic this year with my blog. I’ve taken a little holiday but I want to write every day again. It’s to expand my brain and I hope my readers will enjoy it too. I have a goal this summer to post something every day. It might be a photo, poem, journal entry, or story. I even may host an event so others can post about their summers too. 

What do you think about this idea?

I hope you take this challenge. Here it is. Alphabet Soup Challenge

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