Justine and Her Grandpa

I’ve been going through some old family photo albums lately and have come across many pictures of my father, who passed away 21 summers ago. Justine was 10 years old and it was very traumatic the day he died. We were all at the big old house Justine loved. My dad was barbecuing and went into the house to get a knife and never came back out again. He had a heart attack in the back porch while we waited for him to return with the steak knife. As you can imagine, it was quite a frantic scene when my mother discovered him lying on the floor. I’ll never forget Justine, her sister Candice, my nephews Eric and Matt all lining the big staircase peering down at the bedlam below. 

Justine wanted to speak at her grampa’s funeral and she was already an award winning public speaker at that age. You can read more about that here. I just found her handwritten eulogy among my mother’s photos.

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