When Tragedy Happens

We’ve all been deeply affected by the tragedy in France where hundreds of innocent people were senselessly murdered. What do we do? We want to help, but how? Every Facebook post is about the same thing. We all want to connect at times like this. The world becomes very small.

I’m at a complete loss for words. I just hope that love prevails over hate. I’ve seen some terrible posts blaming refugees and Muslims for this crime. We must remember that terrorists are extremists. We can’t blame entire groups of people for the sins of a few crazy people. 

George Takei wrote a great post.  


16 thoughts on “When Tragedy Happens

  1. That was my first thought last night, that every one of these refugees will now be looked at with suspicion, when 99.9% of them are truly fleeing from these radicals. That humanitarian crisis just reached a new level of crisis last night as countries already reluctant to take them in will be even more reluctant now. And if sent back to Syria? Well, I think we all know what their fate will be. I fear this whole thing will get much worse in the coming months.

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      1. I hope not too. There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight though. And now there’ll have to be a response to what happened in Paris. The craziness continues, like a bizarre mery-go-round. Humans can’t seem to get out of our own way…and never seem to learn from past mistakes.

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  2. The refugees are victimized enough. But the cowards that perform these terrorist acts want the backlash against them. It’s sad what extent these terrorists go to hiding who they are until they attack innocent people.

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  3. I have been just so saddened, frustrated, upset, and not knowing what to say. You really expressed it well for me Cathy.
    I am more worried about the refugees than ever. Because they are indeed going to be looked upon with suspicion, and it will provide an excuse for people to further harden their hearts against them, and provide the United States further excuse to hang not showing up and helping to relieve this refugee crisis by taking more of these displaced people in.
    All my love and best wishes to you Cathy for using your voice for good.

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