I went to the movie “Spotlight”. It’s about the Boston newspaper breaking the story of the Catholic Priests abusing children for decades while the archdiocese covered it up. It’s a powerful story. You can watch the trailer here.

I am Catholic. I converted from being Protestant when I got married 36 years ago. I wrote more about that last week. You can read that here. I work in a Catholic High School and today we had a Professional Activity Day. The students got a holiday and we had a Faith Awareness Day. 

We had a very funny priest tell us some great stories and he was hilarious. He told one story of how someone tried to butt his car in front of him to make a left-hand turn and he wouldn’t let him in. The guy barged in front. Father Bob laid on his horn and that made the guy angry so the guy got out of his car, marched back to Father Bob’s car and said,

“______ you, old man!” 

Father Bob said,

“______ you!” right back. He said he didn’t care that the guy swore at him but he objected to being called an “old man”. The guy got back in his car and gave Father Bob the finger. Father Bob gave him the finger too.

The moral of the story was when someone wrongs you, you should turn the other cheek. Father Bob said next time something like that happens he will say,

“Bless you”, as he should have done that time. 

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