Do You Use the Laws Of Attraction?

A few years ago I was struggling to get my business off the ground and nothing seemed to be working for me. I attended conventions, listened to hundreds of successful people, followed the advice of others who had achieved what I wanted but I felt defeated. Someone asked me if I was using the laws of attraction. I didn’t really know how to answer because I do think I’m a positive person but had to admit that I was concentrating on the fact I wasn’t where I wanted to be. The laws of attraction were working. I was attracting the wrong thing.

I read the book “The Power” which is the second book by Rhonda Byrne. I had, of course heard of her first blockbuster book, “The Secret” but a couple of my friends had read it and told me it was “common sense”. They assured me I was already doing everything in my life that it recommended. I was really transformed by “The Power”, read “The Secret” immediately afterward and then the third book, “The Magic” in quick succession. It might be common sense but until you actually put all the suggestions into real practice you aren’t really using the laws of attraction in a positive way. “The Magic” is actually a companion book to the first two books. It gives daily and weekly exercises to do so you can see how it works. It DOES work. Once you start really manifesting what you desire you can see yourself achieving it.

You skeptics might say…well once you look for it, of course you will see it. That’s the point! You start looking for things and they appear. You stop dwelling on what you don’t have and begin seeing what you do have. More and more good things begin happening and momentum builds. It’s very exihilarating.

I’m very thankful that I found the laws of attraction and began practicing them. Gratitude is a huge part of it. You start to be so grateful for all you have and really begin to appreciate all the good in your life. Writing it all down is essential too. It makes it real and helps you achieve your goals.

When my 29 year old daughter, Justine, was killed in a car accident, I could have just given up on the laws of attraction. I could have just said to myself, this doesn’t work. I’m doing everything to attract positive things and the worst thing ever has happened. Would that make my life better? Would I be happier? Would good things happen after that? NO!

I continue to believe in the laws of attraction. In fact I honestly don’t think I could have endured my heartbreak if I hadn’t found them when I did. I honestly believe that what happened was supposed to happen. I’m at peace with the universe and trust it. Does that mean I don’t get sad or miss my daughter? Of course not. But I know that good things will happen if I continue to be grateful for what I have instead of dwelling on what I lost.

What about my business you might wonder. It did pick up but I discovered it wasn’t what I really wanted. I had learned enough about business to start up another business. Now I’m running them both. I also discovered another passion and I’m writing a book about Justine’s life. It is called “Not My Story To Tell”. My other daughter now has a 4 month old baby boy who I love with all my heart. See? The laws of attraction DO work!

Do you have a story to share about something good that happened in your life?

20 thoughts on “Do You Use the Laws Of Attraction?

  1. Excellent post. What I take away from it is that it’s like the glass of milk – half-full or half-empty. Wasn’t it Peale who, long ago, wrote the book “The Power of Positive Thinking”?


  2. I have not read “The Secret,” but I have been immersed in the teachings of Ernest Holmes through The Science of Mind for many years and I know that the Laws of Attraction are very powerful. A gift or a curse, depending on where you put your attention.
    All my best to you.


  3. I believe in the Laws of Attraction! I think I need to practice it a little more. I used to have the book The Secret but I think I let someone borrow it and now I can’t remember who! Lol.

    Lovely post Cathy! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  4. That’s wonderful Ashley. Download the e-book or borrow it from the library. If you’ve already read it then maybe it’s time for “The Magic” where you actually put it all into practice. It was really fun reading and doing the lessons in it.


  5. Cathy, Sorry it took me so long to check this post out. I am so glad that I did. I will see if our library has these books. I have a audio of The Secret but would love to READ the book.
    The last few days have been really up and down.
    When you think about it…up and down is ok because you at least aren’t always on the downward side.
    We actually went to Bok Tower Gardens for a Reunion of ex employees. Danny worked there for 6 years. 2 Of those when I knew him while still living in Colorado. I would visit there and even Volunteer when I would come and visit Danny for a couple of months.
    We had a wonderful visit and even got to ride through the gardens ….We borrowed a golf cart. I didn’t get many pictures. The Battery died. It was fully charged when we left home.
    Others took pictures so I will get them and post as well. Soon.
    How are you doing this Friday? Any plans for the weekend?
    Hugs. Sarah

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