Do you like my idea for my weekly event?

I’ve learned so much in WordPress Blogging 101 but I felt blocked when trying to complete our final assignment. Our task is to make a scheduled weekly post. I was stumped. In fact I had told myself that my site didn’t lend itself to a weekly event. Since my subject matter is mostly sharing stories about my daughter, Justine, who lived with bipolar disorder, I didn’t know how to incorporate this challenge to compliment my site.

Many people ask how I cope so well after losing Justine. How can a mother lose her first born daughter and go on with life? I’ve heard of many mothers who never recover from such a loss and end up living a life of misery. I am not one of these moms.

I don’t want to dwell on what I’ve lost. I don’t cry over what Justine might have been…a wife? A mother? She was never meant to be anything but what she was. Her life was just that…her whole life, from beginning to end. To wonder and grieve over what she might have been is pointless. It does not honour who she was. She was exactly who she was. Period!

I prefer to dwell on what I have rather than what I lost. I have a husband of 36 years who I adore. My daughter has become a wonderful friend to me. I’m a grandma to baby boy who delights me every day. I have a very supportive extended family who I appreciate and rely on. My friends are my rocks. I have meaningful work. I have a lovely house and garden that I cherish. I have a lovely life.

Do I miss Justine? Every day! But I don’t let that interfere with enjoying life and being happy. Justine would not have wanted to ruin anyone’s life for any reason. She would not want to have made anyone unhappy. So I live my life with joy for her.

This brings me to my weekly event. I have decided to share my knowledge of laws of attraction so that others who may be having troubled times or just need a lift can learn how to change their thinking and be happy no matter what.

Monday will be my day to post to start the week off on a positive note. I have not thought of a name and encourage feedback.

What do you think?

28 thoughts on “Do you like my idea for my weekly event?

  1. What would you be posting Cathy?

    I like this idea as it would help many others who don’t have as good a resilience as you have. 🙂

    P.S.: Do you know that some text is cutting out of the quote in your header image?

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  2. I would be posting some information on the laws of attraction and how we can use them to attract positive thoughts into our lives and therefore live happier lives.
    I will try to crop the image to fit. Thanks Anand!


  3. I also love this idea and your quote above is one of my favorites! Being a middle school ELA teacher, I too tend to turn to figurative language like alliteration. Love the Monday Motivations idea that suggested. Love following your blog!

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  4. Kathy I love the idea!. I read a lot about law of attraction myself, as well mediation, neuroplasticity , reiki and even sound frequency. I seen changes in my life applying them. Still learning as I go. Will be happy to see what you will share on Mondays! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  5. What a lovely idea! I especially like the idea of starting off the week with a such a positive post. Oh, hey, smilingawayfoodallergies would like that: Positive Postings! Alliteration Ahoy! (I’m also an ELA teacher; we can’t help ourselves!)

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