James Frey and Me

I’m sure most people have heard of the author of the book, “A Million Little Pieces”. Oprah picked James Frey’s memoir for her book club years ago and then publicly humiliated him in front of the world when she discovered his book had some fiction in it. He had taken his book to be published as a novel but was based on some of his own experiences so the publisher chose to publish it as non-fiction. She had implied on the Larry King Show that she was going to defend him but she behaved as if he had set out to personally destroy her. I was supposed to attend his book signing in Toronto that very day but Oprah invited him to her show so he postponed our date. I did eventually meet him a few weeks later. 

I wrote a blog about memory a couple of weeks ago and mentioned him in it. I sent the blog to James Frey’s company in the hopes he might read it and he DID! You can read it here.

I received an email from him yesterday. Here’s what he said,
“Cathy –
Thanks for the note and the post. Deeply appreciated. Very sorry about your daughter. Hope you and your family have found some peace. 
Good luck with your book. Write your heart out!

I’m so excited that he took the time to read my blog and respond to me. 

Have you ever sent your blog to someone you admire?

6 thoughts on “James Frey and Me

  1. I’m a huge fan too and really liked his first 2 memoirs. I wasn’t as fond of his fiction surprisingly but still admire him. I was very surprised and happy he took the time to read my blog and encourage me.


  2. I shared a series of posts I was writing from memory about the loss of a classmate with my former teacher, who was our teacher at the time. The event was from my childhood, almost 40 years before as I wrote the piece – I shared it with her and she replied in a very touching e-mail note how she was honored by me reaching out and remembering. She encouraged me to ‘friend’ her on Facebook and we still keep in touch. I was very honored. Most of us live the same lives – albeit in different clothes regardless of our station in society. We go about our lives and try to make a difference. Thanks – have a wonderful day. Keep writing.


  3. Thank you Clay. I wrote one of my teachers a letter one time telling her how much she had influenced me. I work with teachers. I’m an Educational Assistant. They have a hard job. I’m sure your teacher was very appreciative, as mine was.


  4. I noticed “James Frey” in your categories. His family lived down the street from me and I knew Jim and his brother Bob well as children. Two of my sons are their respective ages. Now Bob lives in Minneapolis where my son Donovan lives. They get together regularly. Small world!

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    1. I loved his books and was going to go to a book signing the day Oprah tricked him into coming on her show and then shaming him. When he rescheduled I told him how disgusted I was with her. He put his arm around me for a picture taken. I wrote a blog about him and sent it to him and he wrote me a nice note. That’s very cool you know him. I feel as though I know him.

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