I Can’t Sleep with a Dog on my Head is Available in Paperback

I wrote here about the frustration I was having converting my children’s e-book into paperback. I’d done it seamlessly with my memoir, Not My Story to Tell and my novel, Rose-Coloured Houses but didn’t realize that picture books cannot be converted by KDP.

I went to my trusty source, Fiverr to find help. I’ve used this great service several times now with editing, illustrations and now formatting. I found a person, who was more than willing to do my paperback. I’ve hired him to do my next two books in the series too! He does excellent work and he even puts it on KDP for me.

It’s such a relief to have someone else doing the technical side of this process. We, authors write but we’re expected to do so much more from book covers to formatting. I’m happy to hand this over to a professional who knows his job.

You can find this “fun and silly” book for your littles HERE! They will love the antics of Oliver, Elliott and their grandparent’s dog Boo! It’s for children 3 to 7. Parents and grandparents will like the colourful illustrations and story too!

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