A Special Birthday Present

When I wrote I Can’t Sleep with a Dog on my Head I had a deadline in mind; my grandson, Oliver’s birthday. I was racing against the clock to get the illustrations finished and formatting it for KDP. I ran into a few problems on Kindle Kids Create but I persevered and got it finished and published it as an e-book. Then, as I explained here I hit a roadblock. Luckily, I had some extra time before the big day.

I searched Fiverr for a book formatter and found someone to help me. It was a little hectic but we managed to get it finished in time for the softcover to be published and mailed to him in time.

He was shocked! It’s a story about him, his brother, Elliott and our dog, Boo. I had described what each of the character looked like and the illustrator nailed it!

Here is Oliver listening to me read his new book on FaceTime.

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