More Feedback for Rose-Coloured Houses

My debut novel Rose-Coloured Houses is getting positive reviews and feedback. Here is more:

It takes great ambition to start to write a novel and extreme dedication to take it to completion. You did it! Good for you!

Congratulations on yet another insightful, thought provoking and meaningful book. With your skillful description and character development in Rose coloured Houses the story came to life. It was a wonderful read.

Just finished reading “Rose-Coloured Houses” and it was a great read. Very well written. I look forward to your next book.

Just finished the book – loved it! Going to read it again

Just started today and almost done, hard to put down.

I finished the book and very much enjoyed it.

Loved the story…. Wow…your writing is amazing!!! Usually I ‘scan read’…. Did not want to miss a word in this story!

Loved the story, great read.

If you’d like a copy, get it HERE!

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