Rose-Coloured Houses is a Success

Here is a some of the feedback I’ve received for my debut novel, Rose-Coloured Houses:

“You have a very vibrant writing style with colourful and active descriptions! You put me right in the story, feeling for the family and other people involved.”

“Cathy your book was very difficult to put down, so needless to say I absolutely loved every page !!! Also, being born and raised in Toronto, the memory pictures from my own childhood called to mind my own mother’s and grandmother’s stories of life in the same era. I must say your powers of description draw the reader right into the story as if accompanying Peggy on her journey, thank you.”

“Just finished reading “Rose-Coloured Houses” and it was a great read. Very well written. I look forward to your next book.”

“Just finished the book – loved it! Going to read it again”

“I finished the book and very much enjoyed it.”

“Just started today and almost done, hard to put down.”

“Cathy, absolutely loved your book. Received it on Tuesday and finished it last nite. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻your writing pulls you right in to the era and life they lived…sad story but resilience paid off. Great job.”

Just finished it Cathy and I reviewed it on Amazon.

“I enjoyed it, I could clearly picture all the characters and was rooting for Peggy. Congratulations!”

If you’d like to order a copy, it’s priced the lowest Amazon will allow for the launch period. Grab it now. Here is the link:

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