The Good Karma Worked

Thanks to everyone who sent positive vibes and great suggestions to retrieve my lost blog site. You can read my post from yesterday here. I have not heard back from WordPress but fortunately, I had saved some work in “notes” on my iPad and had shared a sneak peek here so I didn’t have to rewrite much.

I’m baffled as to why my site has disappeared but feel very relieved that most of my book Not My Story To Tell was already in a word document. I do believe in the Laws of Attraction so I tried not to panic and to just think positive thoughts. I’m nearly ready to send my manuscript to the editor this week, as planned.

13 thoughts on “The Good Karma Worked

  1. I doubt that part of your WordPress writings have gone or disappeared. Have you tried re-setting your computer back to an earlier date? Unless you deleted it, the lost pages are somewhere.
    I have a good friend (American) who is very good at those sorts of problems.

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  2. It’s not just parts it’s a whole site. I might have hit delete by mistake but hopefully it’s not that easy to do. I would think they’d ask if I was sure. I’ve got the missing chapters but lost my epilogue and unfortunately I can’t remember what I wrote so I’m starting over again.


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