I’m Hoping For Some Good Karma

I’ve lost my other blog site! That wouldn’t be so bad except my entire book Not My Story To Tell is there. Luckily, most of it was transferred onto a word document but I was adding a few more chapters and they are lost. The entire site has just disappeared.

I’ve contacted WordPress but haven’t heard back from them. Someone suggested I might have been hacked. If anyone has any other advice or experience with an entire site disappearing I’d appreciate some advice. If not, please send me some good vibes that I have it restored or can rewrite a few chapters this week. I was hoping to send it to be edited before I start back to work.

37 thoughts on “I’m Hoping For Some Good Karma

  1. I hope you can get it back! Just the other day I got kicked out of twitter for no good reason, but they apologized and let me back within a few hours. It might be one of those weird glitches.

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  2. I’ve been noticing technical difficulties on a lot of sites. I guess the gremlins are getting into everything. I wish you the best of luck with getting your project back to the stage it was at before! :):)

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  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Cathy. Hope you manage to get your site and your chapters back! Also, don’t know if your blog allows plugins, but if it does, UpdraftPlus is a great choice for setting up regular backups!

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  4. Hi Cathy, am so sorry to hear you lost all your work or at least part of it, but I do get good vibes from you, and you have heard of the saying “these things happen for a reason” am sure you will rewrite those chapters and they will turn out even better.
    Please make sure you back-up your work, make it a habit.
    I look forward to reading your book.

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