I’m cheating a little in the Alphabet Soup Challenge. The goal is to write every day using all the letters of the alphabet in random order. I’m not having an X-ray or playing the xylophone anytime soon but I am excited! I’ve waited for so long for this occasion. In fact I was so eager to see this show I tried to buy tickets a year ago in Toronto when it was still playing on Broadway. I’m seeing “Beautiful, The Carole King Musical” today! 

Carole King was one of my all time favourite artist in the 70’s. I listened to her albums over and over and over again as a teenager. I know all the words to all her songs. I mentioned what she meant to me here. I had the thrill of seeing her live show a few years ago and was astounded at how many songs she wrote (or co-wrote). Did you know she wrote all the music for the Monkees? She has magnificent talent. I read her Autobiography so I know her life story but to relive it to the soundtrack of my teenaged years is going to be unbelievable. I’ll write about the experience tomorrow.

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