Alphabet Soup Challenge-Book

I’m taking part in the Alphabet Soup Challenge. It has nothing to do with Soup. It was just a funny name I made up to explain an event that requires bloggers to use every letter of the alphabet in random order to inspire daily posting You can read my other entries here. Today I’m using B because I have some news about my book, Not My Story To Tell. My beta reader, Lynda, read though my manuscript and has a few small suggestions that we will discuss next week. 

I chose Lynda to read my book for three reasons. Other than my husband, Greg, she’s the only one who has read it in its entirety. Lynda is an English teacher which is very helpful in understanding spelling and sentence structure. She is also a writer herself and she belongs to a writer’s group. I’ve participated twice in the “Tell Me A Story Writing Challenge” that she hosted. If you’d like to read my short stories you will find them here. Lynda knows my story from a different perspective because her daughter, Layce and Justine were very good friends in High School and became roommates in adulthood. We were thrilled to go to Panama and celebrate Layce and Benyi’s wedding last year and spend a week with Lynda’s family. I wrote about that here. The third reason I chose Lynda is that I greatly admire her and consider her a friend. I trust that she will offer constructive criticism and  give good advice. She said,

“You have a great story to tell.” She read the manuscript very fast and that’s encouraging. Now I have to wait until Tuesday.

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