Justine’s Fairy Garden

I’ve always admired tiny fairy gardens. They seem so sweet and innocent. I pour over Pinterest and pin many there. Today I went to the garden centre to buy some herbs. I saw the fairy garden section and looked at all the miniature items. Then I remembered I already have many miniatures in my basement. I used to have a “shadow box” made out of an old spice rack way back in the ’80’s when country decorating was all the rage. I’d forgotten I even had all these little gems. I did buy a little gate and metal chair for one of the fairies to sit on but I went to the basement for the rest. 

I’ve always wondered where I would put a tiny garden. I have a half acre property and large plants are what I usually look for to fill in my 12 gardens. I didn’t want to put it where it would get lost or trampled on. I also wanted in a place where it would be seen, not hidden among my larger gardens. I looked around for the perfect spot and there it was in Justine’s garden! I’ve written about this garden here and here. I also wrote a short story about it here.  There was just the right amount of space and everyone wants to see her garden. I replanted a few tiny plants and I had the fairies already.  It’s just a start and I hope the little plants fill in over the summer. 

I worked more on this little garden. You can read about that here.

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