Angels and Devils

I’ve mentioned Justine’s tattoos in a blogpost a short story. You can read those here and here. I’ve described them as an angel and a devil but that’s not quite accurate, although that is what they represent. One is a tiny pitchfork and the other is angel wings. The reason she chose these for each shoulder is because they reflect her Bipolar disorder. Every day she struggled with making good decisions. Of course everyone has to make good choices each day but for someone with mental health issues, it’s much more complex. 

Justine was a bridesmaid in her friends Sarah and John’s wedding. I had been searching for a picture of Justine’s tattoos but she had long hair and every picture of her back had the tattoos covered by her hair. Sarah searched her wedding photos for me and found one that you can see the pitchfork clearly but not the wings. You can see how tiny the tattoos are. 

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