31 Days of Summer Lovin’ Day 14 Fruit

Fruit! I eat fruit every day but I don’t take pictures of it. We had a huge bowl of cherries yesterday but we ate them all! This challenge is so much fun because I try not to read ahead and each day is a surprise. I really couldn’t think of a picture I have of fruit. Then the laws of attraction appeared and I thought of something growing in my own backyard. 

Last year I noticed a prickly vine growing at the back of my garden. It was very twisted and had sharp thorns all along it. I had intended to cut it down but never got around to it. This year I went to chop it down and I noticed that it’s covered in red berries. I thought they were raspberries but on closer inspection they appear to be blackberries. I’m sure they sprouted up from the compost or maybe a bird transplants the seed. Now I have wild blackberries. How cool is that?

Great summer challenge Soul Seaker!

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