31 Days of Summer Lovin’ 2016 Day 15 Endless

Endless Summer! I wrote a blog about Justine and that very thing. You can read it here. Justine loved summer as much as I do so it was appropriate that we made a memorial garden for her. It will be her final resting place when we can summon the courage to actually place her ashes there. For today’s photo, I will post a picture of Justine’s Garden.

Thanks again to Soul Seaker for challenging us this summer.

5 thoughts on “31 Days of Summer Lovin’ 2016 Day 15 Endless

  1. That is the most amazing photo of a drop of water I have ever seen. Even if it was faked with a crystal it is a sensational photo. Please tell me if its real because if it is I believe I need to take a lot more water photos.

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  2. That is beautiful place Cathy. You have created a wonderful place in her memory. How much we need to see more things like this in our world at the moment, works of love and beauty in response to pain, rather than acts of anger. Thank you for your blog Cathy. You help me so much. I’m praying for you and your family xxx

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