Change and Survival #BeWoW #WQWWC

This week’s theme for Writer’s Quote Wednesday is “Survival”. This quote by Charles Darwin spoke to me. I consider myself a survivor because I do accept change, even if it’s not a good change. I survived my daughter, Justine’s death two years ago. I wrote a book about her life which I hope to get published next year. Writing helps me survive anything.

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8 thoughts on “Change and Survival #BeWoW #WQWWC

  1. Cathy, you certainly did survive quite the ordeal. I have no concept of what it is to lose a child. I would say that you had to change and adapt to the whole earth-shattering event. Bravo to you! I love your quote. ❤

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  2. That is what happened to me when I have to go through being homeless. A big part of me changed, my outlook at Life changed. I survived. I’m better I’m stronger. Thanks for following my blog. I’d be back here to read your blog.

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