Where Did March Go?

I have had a busy month. My grandson turned one on March 14 and we had a big family party here for him. Two days later we boarded a plane for Panama to spend a week in the sun and attend Layce and Benyi’s Wedding. You can see pictures of the beautiful wedding here. March was starting out on a happy note.


Benyi and Layce
We started Easter Weekend with our Daughter Candice and grandson, Oliver. Then we got some sad news that my step-father died. You can read about his very interesting life here. We spent several days with my mom and attending the visitation and funeral. Now I realize it’s the last day of March. I’m looking forward to April and Spring. 

Did you find March flew by?

11 thoughts on “Where Did March Go?

  1. Time continues to simply race on out front and baffle me with it’s lead. I’ve just about accepted I can not keep up and must truly embrace and enjoy my own slower pace.
    That is a gorgeous wedding photo. Such a handsome couple.
    March certainly was a mixed bag month for you. 🌍


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