Bob and Peter

Eighteen years ago my sister, Karleen and her partner, Bob invited us to meet Peter’s son and daughter at their tennis club, a few months before Peter and my mom were to be married. She said to dress up since the club had a dress code. We arrived and noticed that there was a large party in the next room. I went to sit in the dining area to wait for our party to arrive. My mom started to walk toward the larger party. I said,

 “Mom! That party is not for us!” 

She immediately answered that Karleen had told her that  we were to go there. I was sure it was a private party. I didn’t want to go in. When mom opened the door I saw my old high school History teacher who just happens to be Bob’s brother. Then I saw Karleen’s friend. I asked Murray (Bob’s brother) what was going on. He answered,

“This is the surprise!” I looked puzzled so he asked,

“Didn’t you get your invitation to the surprise?” Now I was very confused.

Just then we heard a Scottish Piper playing the bagpipes coming toward our hall. In walked my niece dressed in a lovely gown followed by Karleen in a lovely white gown and Bob in a tux. They walked through the crowd and proceeded to get married. I was so shocked and happy I burst into tears and cried through the entire ceremony. We had a wonderful dinner and reception afterward.

A few months later my mom married Peter, as was planned. Sadly Bob died of cancer this past August, just a few months before Peter died last Saturday at the age of 83. They came into our family a few months apart and left it a few months apart. Today is Peter’s funeral. 

You can read more of this story here.

Peter and Bob
My family celebrating both weddings at a murder mystery weekend

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  1. […] We have lost another family member. My brother-in-law, Bob passed away Saturday. He and my sister had been married for 17 years. They were together several years before that but had surprised us with their beautiful wedding when we thought we were going to their tennis club for another reason. You can read more about that wedding here.  […]


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