My Mom

Yesterday I mentioned that I play Lexulous with my mother daily. You can read about that here. My mom is 81 and most people commenting on how nice it is that I spend time with her. It is wonderful to connect in our online game. My mother, although is 81 is more like 60. She is a very young 81 year old. 

When my sisters and I would go out with my mother to restaurants to celebrate birthdays, people would always mistake her for our sister. Then when they realized she was our mother the conversation would be totally focussed on her, much to our chagrin. I had parties as a teenager and we would suddenly notice all the boys were missing. They were in the kitchen talking to my mother. She is age defying. I can only hope I have her genes, health and stamina. 

Can you find her in this pic?

Can you find her?


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