I work in a high school and this was our first week back after a two week break. I’m very fortunate to get a holiday. This week was a hard adjustment getting back to school for me and for my students. I work with teenagers who have special needs, mostly autistic kids. It was difficult for them to get up early and spend the day at school. There were a few behavioural issues we had to deal with during this transition. It was a long week. I’m happy it’s over.

We have a new semester starting in a few weeks which will introduce all new teachers, new classrooms, new subjects and new classmates. It will be a totally different schedule. Kids who have autism usually don’t like change. It seems like they just get used to their day and it changes. Then they get used to a new semester and it’s summer. Then we do it all again in September. It’s very challenging for them. 

I’ll just enjoy my weekend and worry about all that on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

10 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. This week is usually the hardest. We’ve got finals next week, but luckily the kids in my program only get two of their classes switched, their program has mostly full year classes with the exception of elective, and they seem excited for those. Hope things go well. Only a handful of weeks until February break?

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