When I’m Sixty-four

Maddy from Maddy At Home put out a call for younger people to talk about what they think they might be doing when they are 64. I’m young so I decided to write a blog about this topic. You can enter here.

I’m 58 and I will be 64 in (counting fingers) 2021. I plan to retire from my full-time position as an Educational Assistant in 2 years. My daughter and 5 month old grandson live a two hour drive from us. I would like to be closer to them after I retire.

We have a house on the lake all picked out and the owner said she will be putting it up for sale when we retire. It is a raised bungalow with an apartment on the main level. Both the upstairs and the apartment face Lake Ontario. It has a huge deck on both levels and a screened in porch on the lower level. My daughter and grandson would live upstairs and my husband and I will live on the main level. This would leave my husband and I free to travel to some place warm in the winter.

I plan to have my book about my daughter, Justine called, “Not My Story To Tell” published and will continue to write and publish books. I can picture myself sitting by the lake and writing…….

10 thoughts on “When I’m Sixty-four

  1. Oh I can picture you there too Cathy, it looks wonderful! I really like the screened in porch, and it’s always relaxing to be near the water. Thank you so much for your entry. I will be putting all the links into a post on Sunday.


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