National Dog Day

People ask me every day how I am coping with the loss of my daughter, Justine. She was take from us in a car accident a year ago. I am keeping busy, planted a memorial garden in her memory, have lots of support and have my dog, Boo, who I love to bits.

Today is “National Dog Day” so I thought I’d share her.

Here are a few pics

18 thoughts on “National Dog Day

  1. Oh Boo is gorgeous. I’m so happy you have your Boo to help you through the pain of coping in a future without your precious daughter. Just remember, ” comfort is but a heartbeat away”. Touch your heart every time you think of her and she’ll be there.

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  2. I completely understand with keeping busy and turning to your animals. I lost my baby almost 8 months ago, and my 2 year old keeps me running and on my toes+my great husband. Support and prayers really do make such a difference. I hope that you find healing and comfort in this next year.


  3. Our animal companions can be an unmatchable source of comfort in times of pain. I remember when I lost my grandmother (also my best friend), the steadfast companionship of my cat Arpeggio helped keep me sane.


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