My Companion Book

I’ve been learning about how to effectively market my book, Not My Story To Tell. There’s so much to learn and implement after the writing process is done. One suggestion is to offer a companion book to be included with your book. It can be a smaller book with a few chapters, a photo book, even a poetry book. I think I’ll do one with a few happier chapters. I tried to include these chapters in my book but my editor said they didn’t go with my thesis. I wrote my book shortly after Justine was killed in a car accident and one of my beta readers described it as “raw”. It has serious subject matter, for sure, but the happier stories just didn’t fit.

I have enough deleted chapters to make another, smaller book. They’ve all been edited, so that’s a bonus. I even have a cover since my illustrator made me one with just the name Justine and the beautiful unicorn that she did for my book on it. This book will only be available in Kindle version. It will be a free bonus for buying the Kindle version of the book. I’m really excited that I can offer this to my Kindle readers.

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