Do You Enjoy Pyjama Days? 

I’m enjoying a lounging day in my PJs. It’s the last day of my Christmas Holiday and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. I’ll play online games, read, watch Netflix and scour Facebook. I already have dinner simmering in the crock pot. Heavenly….

Do you ever have a Pyjama day? What do you do? 

Baby Justine and me in our PJs on her first Hallowe’en

13 thoughts on “Do You Enjoy Pyjama Days? 

  1. Funny to find this tonight–my hairdresser (a man) was telling me he and his wife had a pajama day on Christmas, and they loved it. I really enjoy the kind of day you describe, but I have to get dressed…I don’t know why. I may have to work on this!!!

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  2. Oh boy do I have pajama days! Out of my 3 off days, I make sure one is a pajama day lol. Although I do house work on pajama day “sometimes”, other times I SLEEP! My husband is at work and the kiddo is at school and the dog does what he does best as well….sleep lol.


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