Look What’s Just Outside My Window!

I’m in Niagara Falls. We were upgraded to the presidential suite with a panoramic view of the falls.  

view from my hotel
view of the Canadian and US falls
The falls lit up

31 thoughts on “Look What’s Just Outside My Window!

  1. Beautiful, Niagara Falls is such a spectacular sight. Did you try heading to the eye by The Maid of The Mist? It’s spectacular. I envy your splendid view though, very rare to see Niagara from that perspective. Thanks for sharing your photos. Love it.

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  2. Cathy, I’m originally from western New York, and we saw the Falls at least once a year. (I even took a first, regrettable honeymoon there…but that’s another story, maybe bets left untold!) We saw it in summer and loved the spray; we saw it in winter and love the play of colored lights on the ice. We even saw it the year the Falls were diverted so scientist could study the rock and the erosion.

    I bet it’s been 15 years since I’ve been to the Falls…your post brings back the wonder!


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