Set a Big Goal #Monday Blogs

Sometimes we sell ourselves short and don’t believe we deserve all the good things life has to offer. We get into a pattern and forget to strive for what we perceive as impossible to achieve. I challenge everyone to choose a huge goal. Write it down and date it. Put it on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator where you see it every day. 

You don’t have to post it here but tell someone so you are accountable. What is your big goal?


8 thoughts on “Set a Big Goal #Monday Blogs

  1. Very timely, Cathy as I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic and demotivated today – probably due to the fact that it’s Monday and it’s freezing cold! My big goal is picking up my novel again. I wrote 50,000 words in November but have since lost a little motivation, probably because I’m slightly overwhelmed about how much I still have to do. Sometimes all it takes is a few encouraging words to get going again, so thanks 🙂

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