This One’s For Me!

I was feeling overwhelmed and complained yesterday about putting up Christmas decorations. You can read that here. I reconsidered and put a few up. I’m sure by turning my negativity into something positive good things will happen. I feel much better now and it really wasn’t as much trouble as I had envisioned. My husband has agreed to take them down, which eased my mind too.  Now I’ve invited family over for dinner on December 23rd. I might as well have company now. It’s all working out as it should.


22 thoughts on “This One’s For Me!

  1. It is true that if we change the way we think every thing else changes too. Some times i say to myself i will enjoy this even though i dont feel like it, and it works.

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  2. So glad you changed your mind! Nice to hear you are having some family over as well… makes it all worthwhile. Oliver will be a lot of fun this year. We had Christmas in Sept as we were coming south in November. We had a wonderful time, the 5 grandkids decorated the tree. The youngest Max was 14 mos old and also put his decorations on the tree, then would take them off and give them to me, then put them back on. Our new tradition is to let the kids do the trimming of the tree. They all loved it and were excited to do it.

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