Diana Ross and Me

I read a post the other day by Jacqueline that made reference to a show I loved in the Sixties, called “Soul Train”. You can read it here. I told her how I loved Motown and especially The Supremes. We knew all their songs by heart and often put on shows for our parents’ company, when I was growing up.

We only had one album called “The Supremes A’Go.Go”. My parents had bought a “hi fi” which I’m sure cost a pretty penny back then. It was a huge coffin-like wooden “piece of furniture” that had a top that lifted. Inside was a state of the art record player that you could stack several albums on and they would play the whole album and when it was finished, the next one would drop and play all by itself. It also contained a radio and a place to store albums. My father loved it so much we vowed we would bury him in it.

Since we had our stereo system, my mother joined the Columbia Record Club and got 10 free records to start. We were allowed to pick one. We chose our favourite group.

We would put on the record and practice doing the motions that Diana Ross and the Supremes would do.

🎶✋in the name of love! Before you break my ❤️……think it oover…🎶

🎶 You can’t hurry love! No, you’ll just have wait! Love don’t come easy….it’s just a game of give and take!🎶

🎶 Baby love….my baby love…..🎶

You can hear a little more here: Supremes A’ Go Go

We would dress up in our mini skirts and mod jewellery and make all the adults stop their visiting so we could put on our concert that we had practiced for hours. My father was the king of the Polaroid Camera but I don’t recall even one picture of our shows. I was never Diana Ross. I was always a Supreme. I was the back up singer and to this day I always sing the back up portion of the songs, as I sing along in the driver’s seat of my car.

Sometimes, even as adults (as you can see by the featured image) we will break out into our sixties song and dance routine.

22 thoughts on “Diana Ross and Me

  1. Oh loved this! And we did have one of those too! My sister and I we loved to pile up the records and see them get lifted and plopped down into the turntable – no danger of scratching them with this system 😉 unless you wanted to change tracks …
    Very good memories you have and wake up in us (sorry my English brain is not working today I am afraid 😦
    Turtle Hugs

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  2. I love nostalgic stories….you told yours in a lovely way that conjured up imaginings of the girlhood ritual of emulating our favourite singers…I, too, loved these songs…thanks for sharing your memories and dredging up some of my own 🙂

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