My post yesterday was a based on a philosophy I live by where I wrote that I believe that everything happens for a reason. I said that I never ask why because I know there is no answer.That’s not entirely true. I believe that there may be an answer if I just wait. I believe there is a reason but I don’t know the reason yet. 

When my daughter Justine began making poor choices when she was a teenager I did ask why. I didn’t understand that she had a mental illness. I was a first time mom of a teenager. I continuously asked her why. Why did she make that decision? Why didn’t she call? Why did she like that boy? Why did she skip school? Why was she so late getting home?  Most of the time she didn’t have an answer. I don’t think she even knew why.

When she was killed in a car accident, I didn’t question it. I accepted it. I believe it was meant to happen. In my book, “Not My Story To Tell” I go into much more depth on this topic. It’s a primary theme of the book.  

18 thoughts on “Why?

  1. When I went through a seemingly impossible time, I wasn’t sure “everything happens for a reason.” I still don’t know what the reason might be in my life, but I know I’ve made some changes that have brought me closer to God and made me a wiser person and a broader thinker.

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  2. I don’t know about everything happening for a reason – but I do know that there are events in our lives where we can either just accept them and move on, or not. The book is your way of accepting it.

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  3. I also feel that resons are infinite. They are chains with no beginning or end. Though what we usually do is to take a small chunk out and start analyzing it. It’s our nature to question and seek answers. The intelligence behind the creation is infinite.

    LOve and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  4. Grief is so life-changing. There was a time in my life when I had just turned 30, and in one stroke everything that I felt essential to my life was taken away from me. I never thought I would recover. But slowly I did and along the way I realised that life was giving me what I had asked for at some very deep part of my self. Of course, when I asked for an ‘authentic life’, I did not know that I would lose so much.
    In India when unexpected things happen, they call it karma. Probably. But that is just a word. It does not bring solace or end the questioning.
    I sincerely hope that some day you will find all answers, Cathy and by then grief would have done its work 🙂

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