Justine and Water

Justine loved to swim. I had taken her to a water babies class when she was a baby and she had no fear of water. She took swimming lessons every season and continued to pass to the next level. She achieved Bronze Cross at the end of her swimming career and I really thought she might become a lifeguard of swimming instructor as she had planned. She loved to swim for pleasure and spend many hours at the local swimming pool and at the lake when we visited or rented a cottage. Water was very important to her.

When she went looking for her first apartment Justine wanted one in a house with a pool. She had started working night shift and found a basement apartment with a family upstairs. The pool was in the backyard which Justine’s apartment would walk out onto. It all sounded wonderful, except for the kids. I told Justine it would be impossible for her to sleep during the day with the children swimming right outside her apartment. She hadn’t thought of that. She kept looking but most apartments with pools were out of her price range. 

Justine decided to get a roommate. She and her good friend, Layce moved into a bungalow with an in-ground pool in the back yard. They spent hours either in the water or sitting by the pool in the summer and often had friends over.  

 For our 25th wedding anniversary, Justine bought us a hot tub. She was only 18 and had made monthly instalments and got some donations from family members and friends for our big day. Our hot tub is still used daily almost 12 years later. Greg and I enjoy sitting, soaking and chatting when I get home from work and use it all year in all weather. It sits three feet from the patio door in our bedroom so we can access it very easily. It is by far the best gift we had ever received from our generous and resourceful daughter.

What’s the best gifts you’ve ever received?

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