Keeping our loved ones present

I’m so happy to have inspired a fellow blogger to write her father’s story.

Coming Home

I read a post written by a lovely lady (Cathy Lynn Brooks) who keeps a blog devoted to her daughter, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and lost her life in an accident about a year ago.  Truly a tragic story!  Her story had me thinking about my situation surrounding my dad’s passing last month.

my young dad My dad as a college student

I started my blog shortly before he passed. I started it because I took a course on WordPress and wanted to see how it worked.  I now see him as my main motivation for jumping into this with both feet.  I can tell Cathy is experiencing a similar feeling (although not the same seeing as the passing of your child is such an unspeakable trauma compared to a man who lived his life, had it good, and passed away rather quickly).  Why are we so invested in putting…

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