How You Can Benefit From Social Media

(An excerpt from my guest blog. You can see it here)

I was very slow to understand the importance of joining Social Media Networking. It became evident after I was a member, however, that it is very beneficial.  When we share and support other people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or WordPress then everyone benefits. Choose on or two that you think you can commit to on a regular basis. 

When you interact regularly you get to know each other personally. New relationships grow and friendships are formed. There is an intimacy within a group and we all appreciate each other. We can count on each other to like and promote and that creates a bond. 

It’s fun too! When we feel a sense of belonging and feel supported then we really enjoy engaging with the group. I want to like and comment on posts because helping others makes me feel good. There really isn’t a big time commitment but the rewards are invaluable. Watch how the laws of attraction begin to work as you start helping others.

5 thoughts on “How You Can Benefit From Social Media

  1. Very true Cathy 🙂

    I have also experienced this. I feel what makes us hesitant is our past negative experiences. But if we overlook them and adopt a positive initiative of talking with others it makes a great change 🙂

    I wish you very best.
    Anand 🙂

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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more… except that I’m in more need of writing than all the reading I’ve been doing of late… I’m loving catching up with all the different sites and getting to know each other more through our net community 🙂

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