Late April Snow Days

We are experiencing ANOTHER snow day in Canada. We do have a reputation for snow but this is mid-April and we usually have Spring-like weather, long before now. We have highway, school closures and power outages all across Southern Ontario. This will continue until Thursday. Luckily, I don’t have to be anywhere but warm and… Read More Late April Snow Days

Winter Has Arrived

Those of us who live in Ontario, Canada had been experiencing very mild temperatures and rain for November and December. We usually have a white Christmas but this year it was unseasonably warm and green. January has been colder and snowy. Typical Canadian winter.               

Ice Cold

How I hate the cold My feet turn to ice In winter I’m not bold Indoors is where it’s nice I shiver and shake My lips turn blue I cannot fake Warm weather is due I always wear a sweater I always feel a chill I always feel better When winter’s had it’s fill