I found An Editor for Rose Coloured Houses

Finding the right editor is a process and it has to be the right fit. When I wrote my first two books Not My Story to Tell and JUSTINE, I used Fivver to find an editor to edit before I sent it to another editor. It was like cleaning the house before the cleaners arrived. Now I’m much more confident.

This time I contacted four editors and had a budget in mind. The first editor is an award winning editor I found by using Google. She agreed to proof read and copy edit. I explained I needed help with structure. She suggested I get a substantiative or developmental editor for that.

I found a website and placed a job ad there. Almost immediately, three people responded. The first was a man and he had the best price, under budget. I was pleased. The second was a woman. Her prices were the highest. Then a third editor, another woman came in slightly over budget. I chose the highest, not because I thought she was the best editor, but she was willing to work with me to design a plan that worked for both of us.

She wanted my chapters all in one document. I write each chapter as a separate document so I simply copied and pasted. She required New Roman script and double spacing. I changed the font and double spaced the document. It’s in her hands now.

I must admit, I’m relieved to be finished writing but I know the hard part is coming. Fixing all the edits is not my favourite part. It’s tedious. The best part is knowing I’m close to publishing.

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